New 2018 Mugs – Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt

We Just received a brand new shipment of mugs. Express your love for your relatives and show your polish pride with these mugs. A perfect gift for birthdays, or the holidays. These mugs are handmade stoneware from Poland. Surprise your Relatives today with this great gift. One one side of the mug, a word is written, and on the other side of the mug the same word is written but in Polish. buy these mugs here on our website.


Wooden Sled with Back Support - Polskie Sanki Drewniane z Oparciem. 36" x 16" x 16". Made in Poland.   Embrace yourself in all of the fun that a wonderful winter snow has to offer with this beautifully crafted Wooden Sled with Back Support. This fun device offers both stability and support so you can glide through the luscious snow all day long without a care! The gorgeous wood construction is visually attractive and extremely sturdy for hours of fun and making memories with those you love. Imagine your children gracefully gliding down the neighborhood hill with a huge smile across their face while having the time of their lives. Blast through the snow and into some fun with this originally designed wooden sled crafted in Poland just for you. Buy this sled here on our website!


This beautiful ornament shows Santa hanging off the iconic Chicago sign. Made from glass and handmade in Poland. Each ornament is hand-painted and decorated in order to create an unique ornament for your family to enjoy for generations to come. Buy this ornament here on our website.

100 Years of Polish Independence Christmas Ornament

Only for a limited time, we have a beautiful new Christmas ornament in stock! Celebrating 100 years of Polish independence. From 1918 to 2018; buy this ornament today to show your Polish pride. This beautiful ornament is 3.5" and is inscribed with the words Poland and Chicago. It has the Chicago stars and Polish eagles around it. Above the eagles, 100 - lat is written. Below the eagles 1918 - 2018 is inscribed. Buy this item here on our website