The Electric Potato Grater

About a month ago, I got a call from Pauline, who as many of those that have purchased the potato grater before her, wanted more details about the amazing, easy to use, and user friendly kitchen appliance.

The electric potato grater is one the most unique kitchen appliances available at Dom itp. Since the potato grater was available at our stores, it has become a favorite appliance among our Polish and American clients. As the name suggests, the electric potato grater is an electric powered appliance designed to grate potatoes as well as vegetables. Although the potato grater is about 14" in height and weights around 15 Lbs., the grater is capable of grating over 176 lbs of potatoes an hour. I know what you're thinking, this blog entry was made on April 1, so the claim of grating such a big quantity of potatoes an hour must be an April Fool's joke. Well, it's not. Go ahead, give it a try . We guarantee that the electric potato grater will make your potato related dishes quick, easy, and joy to prepare. Just last week, I got another call from Pauline, who purchased the electric potato grater about a month ago. She was calling to order additional accessories for the potato grater. As our other clients who purchased the potato grater, she was just amazed about the efficiency, durability, speed, and easy of use of the electric potato grater. The electric potato grater is available at our online store and at all of Dom itp retail locations. 1 E. Camp McDonald Rd. Prospect Hts., IL 60076 (847) 222-7565 6840 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago, IL 60634 (773) 282-6430 4747 N. Harlem Ave. Harwood Hts., IL 60706 (708) 867-3802 2001 N. Halsted Ave. Chicago, IL 60614 (312) 266-6264 5212 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago, IL 60641 (773) 545-5618 Have you already purchased the electric potato grater? Share your experience with us and fellow readers of our blog.

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