NON-GMO Vegetable and Flower Seeds Now on Sale at

pickle-ogorek-borus[1]Dom itp is proud to offer NON-GMO seeds from Europe to customers in the United States. These seeds are 100% not modified to ensure that you plant on the freshest and most natural vegetables and flowers in your gardens.

We offer many different types of seeds as well. From the most popular tomato seeds called “Faworyt” which literally means “favorite” in English. These tomato seeds are sure to grow into the biggest, juiciest, and best tasting tomatoes you’ll ever grow in your garden.

We also carry other varieties of vegetable seeds like the cucumber seeds seen in the picture on this post. These cucumber seeds are perfect for pickling because of their size and flavor. Try planting some today!

We are the main distributor of these NON-GMO seeds across the United States. Hundreds, if not thousands, of other online stores, groceries, and gardens across the USA proudly carry our seeds because their customers love the results of planting real vegetables that have not been genetically modified.

Order from us today to ensure receiving the freshest seeds available. Since we import these directly, our seeds will always be the freshest and longest lasting of any of our competitors.