NEW Houston Suitcase Ornaments Available

We have a brand new glass ornament in stock. This ornament is hand blown with great care and expertise. The ornament is in the shape of a suitcase. It is mainly red white and blue with glitter colored letters. Express your love for Houston, Texas with this brand new ornament. See this ornament here on our website. Check out all our Houston ornaments on our website.

NON-GMO Vegetable and Flower Seeds Now on Sale at

pickle-ogorek-borus[1]Dom itp is proud to offer NON-GMO seeds from Europe to customers in the United States. These seeds are 100% not modified to ensure that you plant on the freshest and most natural vegetables and flowers in your gardens. We offer many different types of seeds as well. From the most popular tomato seeds called "Faworyt" which literally means "favorite" in English. These tomato seeds are sure to grow into the biggest, juiciest, and best tasting tomatoes you'll ever grow in your garden. We also carry other varieties of vegetable seeds like the cucumber seeds seen in the picture on this post. These cucumber seeds are perfect for pickling because of their size and flavor. Try planting some today! We are the main distributor of these NON-GMO seeds across the United States. Hundreds, if not thousands, of other online stores, groceries, and gardens across the USA proudly carry our seeds because their customers love the results of planting real vegetables that have not been genetically modified. Order from us today to ensure receiving the freshest seeds available. Since we import these directly, our seeds will always be the freshest and longest lasting of any of our competitors.  

Chicago Designer Revamps DOMITP’S Mall Locations – Northbrook Court & Woodfield Mall.

Recently DOMITP had the honor of working with talented designer Beata Wasilewicz. Beata has years of experience working in interior design all throughout the Chicagoland area. Her style is impeccable.   Beata prepared DOMITP's new location in Woodfield Mall. On May 1st, 2016 DOMITP will be moving from the current location in Woodfield Mall to the Nordstrom's wing. The store will be located on the 2nd floor near Nordstroms at location L326.   Beata worked hard to prepare a beautiful and intimate boutique that will delight our customers.   Not only has Beata helped prepare the new Woodfield Mall space, she has also revamped the entire Northbrook Court location to revive the store. She took our latest womenswear straight from the runways of Italy and created functional looks that are ready to wear on the streets of Chicago. The stunning results are seen in the front window display and throughout the store.             We invite our customers to our current Northbrook Court location (2nd floor next to Lord & Taylor) and on May 1st, 2016 to our Woodfield Mall location (2nd floor next to Nordstroms) to see how designer Beata Wasilewicz has put together functional, ready-to-wear, stylish, chic and comfortable styles from our Italian line. We are sure that what you see, will delight you! Happy shopping!

Mug for Grandma – The Best Coffee Mug for Your Grandmother – Hand Painted & Handmade in Europe

Just in from Europe are these beautiful handpainted and hand decorated coffee mugs made specially for your Grandmother. Your grandma will treasure this mug as it has a very classic and elegant look designed by artisans in Europe. Each mug is as unique as your Grandmother, no coffee mug is the same since they are all hand painted in Poland.   Order your's today at Dom itp!   Also available are coffee mugs for your Grandpa!