Fraud Warning for our Electric Grater Machine on eBay

It has come to our attention that there has been sellers on ebay creating auctions for our electric pasteles and potato grater. We wanted to remind our valued customers that our company DOM ITP does not list our potato graters on auctions. We, DOM ITP, list our potato graters only as a "buy it now" option. Please do not purchase potato graters on ebay from a third-party seller who many times do not have any reviews. Customers must look for our ebay name "DOM ITP" or our official ebay username "domitpltd".
Third-party sellers on ebay are using the system to purchase our products using stolen information. This is illegal fraudulent activity.
We recommend that you look for our seller name "DOM ITP" when purchasing one of our best selling potato graters and refrain from contributing to illegal activities of the third-party sellers who are unfortunately abusing the system. We warn customers to not purchase our products in these ebay auctions and instead look for the "buy it now" option.


Santa with Sign Ornament. 2 x 5". Handmade and decorated glass ornament from Poland. This beautiful ornament shows Santa hanging off the iconic Chicago sign. Made from glass and handmade in Poland. Each ornament is hand-painted and decorated in order to create an unique ornament for your family to enjoy for generations to come. Buy this ornament here on our website!

Czesc Hat

Are you prepared for winter? Show your Polish pride by wearing this hat. The hat says czesc, which means hello in Polish. A Chicago area favorite, our czesc knit hat is proudly worn throughout the winter season by people with Polish ancestry. Czesc is a favorite friendly greeting in Poland. One size fits all. 7.5" x 11". Made in Poland. Buy this hat here on our website. 

New 2018 Mugs – Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt

We Just received a brand new shipment of mugs. Express your love for your relatives and show your polish pride with these mugs. A perfect gift for birthdays, or the holidays. These mugs are handmade stoneware from Poland. Surprise your Relatives today with this great gift. One one side of the mug, a word is written, and on the other side of the mug the same word is written but in Polish. buy these mugs here on our website.